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About Us


The ICC opened in 2013 with the aim of providing a one-stop shop for all your martial arts and health and fitness needs. Our holistic centre offers highly qualified martial arts instructors with national and international success in BJJ and MMA, as well as strength and conditioning training, massage therapy and TCM. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for all our members for all their health goals and fitness aspirations.


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We welcome people of all ages, gender, race, religious beliefs, skill level and body types. We believe people of all walks of life should experience the benefits that martial arts as to offer – family, honour, loyalty and respect. At the ICC we treat everyone like family, because “a family that trains together, stays together”.

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David Tong -
Head BJJ and
MMA instructor

David is a lifelong student of martial arts with 20 years’ experience. His success has led him to state, national and international success in BJJand MMA. David’s journey started in 1992 where his discipline saw him become a karate champion in his teenage years. He was also immersed in kung fu and kickboxing before discovering BJJ in 2003. David has been hooked ever since. Not long after, he combined his striking experience with his grappling success into the cage to become a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist. In 2013, David was invited to the AIS combat draft camp, where he was successfully selected to participate in Olympic scholarships in boxing and judo. However, it was meeting Paul Cale (Head of the Australian Kudo Federation) at the AIS and given the opportunity to grow the sport of MMA/kudo, alongside his passion of teaching BJJ that David found his true calling. David’s teaching philosophy focuses on understanding the individual’s ability and helping exceed his or her own expectations through technique (the why) and application (the how).

David Tong


Steven came into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu relatively late in life but that has not hampered his progress. As a Roots BJJ Purple belt, Steven has medaled at the State, National, and International levels. An avid competitor from the very beginning, Steven has demonstrated and led by example that you are never too old to start or compete. As a family man with a successful business career, Steven has managed to find the balance between family, work, training, competitions and teaching. His passion for teaching/coaching and his technical Jiu Jitsu has seen him devote more and more time to the gentle art. Steven focuses on helping individuals reach their full potential, from improving one’s fitness, self defence to competitive sports BJJ.

Steven Tong


Rbk Karate Jitsu 4th dan Roots BJJ purple belt Stinger Muay Thai kru International kojosho karate Federation 2nd dan rank Certificate III Sports coaching 22 years exp. My martial arts background encompasses training in Tang So Do basics, beginner/ intermediate level Jow Gar Kung fu, Roots BJJ (purple belt ), Stinger Muay Thai (kru) , Ryu Bujitsu kai Karate Jitsu (4th Dan ). Martial arts has been about learning the art of self defence, discipline, respect, humility, strength of body, mind and spirit in a fun friendly environment. Over many years of training and teaching I have gained experience in competition as a competitor and coach. As a martial arts teacher and lifetime student of martial arts, the focus is to always provide a disciplined environment for kids and adults to excel and have fun learning the art of self defence with confidence and humility. Martial arts is ever evolving and participating in seminars and workshops with Australian and international instructors keeps me learning and staying up to date with techniques, coaching principles and ideas. My journey thus far in martial arts has taught me self defence, discipline, humility, respect, confidence and overall many friendships both near and far.

David Tong

Troy Proctor -
MMA instructor

Troy Proctor’s lifelong passion for combat sports encompasses a large variety of martial arts. Troy began his boxing career in 1998, but was inspired to expand his training after watching rounds of the UFC on VHS tapes. He complemented boxing with wrestling, pankration (the precursor to the modern day mixed martial arts (MMA)), Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and Muay Thai. With such broad experience, Troy won both the 2004 Australian and World Pankration championships. He continued to compete and turned professional in MMA in 2007.

Troy now channels his passion into teaching combat sport at all levels. He also specialises in conditioning with over a decade’s experience in personal training.

Troy Proctor

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