4 ways you can easily transfer your BJJ skills

BJJ is deeply rooted in judo and numerous other traditional Japanese martial arts. Over the last decades, however, it has followed a different course. Today, BJJ comprises the following elements:

  • Self-defence
  • “Vale tudo” – anything goes
  • MMA
  • Sports grappling (submission holds without striking).

Our instructors at the Integrated Combat Centre say that BJJ is...

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4 Reasons Why BJJ is an Excellent Base Style to Build On

BJJ is deeply rooted in Judo and numerous traditional systems of Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Over the last decades, however, it has followed a different course. Today, it is divided into the following categories: self-defence, “vale tudo – anything goes” or the popular MMA, and sport grappling with or without gi (no striking...

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3 Tips for Improving Your Mental Game in Martial Arts

In all physical sports out there athletes have to pay attention to three key elements if they want to succeed: technical, physical and mental. I didn’t place them in any particular order here as in my personal opinion I think they are all equally important in terms of reaching success. While in team...

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How to Get Your Muscles Ready for MMA Training

MMA training is hard on the whole body and it can easily be the most mentally and physically challenging sport out there. Since many of the techniques engage several different muscles groups it is recommended to work out in order to build up endurance and strength. The training becomes extra hard during the...

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