Peakhurst has been the home to the Integrated Combat Centre ever since 2013. David and Steven Tong are the brothers who have decided to pass along their martial arts knowledge, gathered from years of disciplined practice. The Integrated Combat Centre was brought to life to educate and teach students about various martial art forms, their histories and core values.

Surrounded by Mortdale, Oatley, Riverwood, Lugarno and Penshurst, we are easily accessible to many people in Sydney, as we are located at Unit 17, 12-14 Norman St. We are easily reachable by people from Kingsgrove as well, and if you live there, take a couple of minutes to come by and see whether we offer what you need; we are certain that you will decide to stay with us.

Our ICC martial arts facility is a place where students of all ages, children, teenagers, beginners, professionals, women, and men, can learn a variety of martial arts. We offer programs in Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and MMA. Furthermore, our visitors can fully enjoy a variety of fitness programs as well, so all those who are interested in losing weight, make sure to stop by and witness what we have to offer.

Our goal is to help people from all Sydney areas to learn how to harness the power of martial arts.

We’ve invested strong efforts in spreading anti-bullying awareness in Sydney, throughout a number of schools, including those in Kingsgrove. We also teach our students a variety of self-defense techniques, helping them stay on track.

The ROOTS family

Interestingly, we share common ancestry with Rickson Gracie, who remains the only undefeated champion in MMA and BJJ. More importantly, we are members of the ROOTS family, a Jiu Jitsu family created by Professor Paulo Guimarães. This means that becoming a member of our facilities entitles you to use the network of ROOTS gyms.

How far are we from Kingsgrove?

You can reach out to us at Unit 17/12-14 in Peakhurst. We are located in a light industrial complex, which provides us with plenty of room for practice. In geographical terms, we are located south-west of the Kingsgrove bus depot, which is only 5.5 kilometers from our ICC.

How to get to the ICC via car?

We have a big parking lot, so no worries there. From the previously mentioned Kingsgrove bus depot, you only need around 10 minutes to get to the training facilities.

How to get to the ICC by foot?

You can come to us from Kingsgrove by foot as well; it will take you a bit less than an hour, but on the bright side, it is a perfect way to warm up for class.

How to get to the ICC by bus?

The shortest bus route is to go via T2 Airport, Inner West and South Line, which takes approximately 30 minutes from the Kingsgrove station, including the walk you’ll need to take from the nearby station to our facilities.






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