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The Integrated Combat Centre was first established in 2013 by 2 brothers David and Steven Tong. With their extensive martial arts knowledge and competition experience they decided to open up a full time martial arts facility to share their passion and enthusiasm with others.

The full time facility boasts 2 floors for all your fitness and martial arts training needs, with our professional and experienced instructors teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), kids martial arts and fitness classes. Our centre caters for men, women, children and teenagers from all experience and fitness levels.

Team Ryu Bujitsu Kai

Our karate programs are part of Ryu Bujistu Kai, a style that blends traditional karate and kick boxing techniques. This style that was founded by kyoshi Robert Janceski with several affiliate schools throughout Sydney.

Team Stinger Muay

The Muay Thai is with Stinger Muay Thia, founded by Arjun Jovan Stojanovski, who was the first foreigner to fight in front of the King of Thailand.


Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ ) is with ROOTS, founded by Prof Paulo Guimaraes. Our lineage traces back to the great Rickson Gracie, the undefeated and Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ fighter and son of the sports founder Helio Gracie.

Our network of Roots gyms around Sydney and the world allows our members to train at other affiliated academies anytime.

Where we are located from Oatley?

Oatley is situated south-east of the Integrated Combat Centre. For your convenience, we have provided links below for directions.


Our gym is just a short 6 min drive from the centre of Oatley, right near Oatley Public School.

Please follow the directions on the map below:


Once you arrive you will see the signs to the gym and there is plenty of street parking available.


From Mortdale station we are a 21 min bus ride to the martial arts centre.


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