Martial Arts Training and Exercises You Can Do at Home

Whether you find yourself in a dreaded snap lock down, are uncomfortable training in a group setting while COVID-19 is still lingering or you simply want to continue to improve your martial arts skills away from the mats, you might be wondering if there are any drills or exercises you can do at home? ICC is Sydney’s favourite martial arts training academy and we know that although classes and competitions are the best way to learn and grow as a martial artist, continuing your training at home is also highly beneficial. Let’s look at a few solo training exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Solo Grappling Drills

Grappling-based martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA usually require you to work with a partner, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t train by yourself. Grappling martial arts offer a wide range of drills that will make your overall technique better by improving your agility, cardio, strength, and flexibility. While you may not be able to perfect certain techniques, you can perform many exercises which will work certain areas of your body, make your hips and core stronger, and help to make particular motions more natural and more powerful.

Heavy Bag Drills

If you have martial arts equipment such as a heavy bag at home, you can also add position drills to your at-home martial arts training routine. These drills allow you to work on and improve your footwork, timing, agility, technique, precision, power, and make you stronger and more prepared for pad work and sparring with your training partners. A heavy bag is a great tool for working on your mat-based technique in the comfort of your home.

Striking Exercises

Striking-based martial arts usually involve bodyweight solo drills, so if you participate in a martial art that involves punching, kicking and other forms of striking, you will likely be familiar with numerous exercises that you can do on your own, including:

  • Shadowboxing
  • Jump rope
  • Footwork drills
  • Solo technique training

All of these can all be done at home and require no or minimal martial arts equipment.

Conditioning Routines

If you aren’t concerned about working on your technique but want to improve your stamina, flexibility, and overall health, you should consider partaking in a general conditioning fitness routine as opposed to skills-based training. This type of workout can help you improve your cardio, strength and endurance – all of which will help you succeed when you are back in the gym.

The most important thing to remember when practicing martial arts at home is to be safe and get yourself into back to your Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy or gym as soon as possible to practice proper form and technique. While practising and exercising at home is important, nothing beats training on the mats and learning under the guidance of highly skilled martial arts instructors. To learn from the best, book a free trail with ICC today. As the premier Sydney martial arts training centre, we are a one-stop shop for all your martial arts, health, and fitness needs. Contact us online or call (02) 8221 8899 now.

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