Peakhurst Martial Arts

In 2013, two brothers decided to open up a full time martial arts centre in Peakhurst to share their knowledge, love and passion for martial arts. As such the Integrated Combat Centre was formed.

Located in the light industrial complex of 17/12-14 Norman St,Peakhurst, our full time martial arts facility boasts two levels for all your fitness needs. The bottom floor has premium Olympic judo matted floors and walls and the top floor has a fully functional weights facility and remedial massage area.

We are the only full time martial arts facility in Peakhurst to run classes 6 days a week, catering for men, women, children and teenagers, and offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Karate, MMA, kids martial arts and fitness classes.

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA program is part of the ROOTS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family, which was first established in Sydney in 2000 by Professor Paulo Guimaraes. With our ROOTS lineage stemming back to Helio Gracie, the great master and founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and modern mixed martial arts himself, you can be sure that you that when you learn with us, you will be learning as close to the source as possible.

As part of the ROOTS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family, you are also welcome to train at any of the other 13 ROOTS locations in Sydney and around the world. Here at the ICC we are proud to be part of the ROOTS network as ROOTS Peakhurst.

Where Are We in Peakhurst ?

The ICC is situated at 17/12-14 Norman St in Peakhurst, approximately 1.5 kms south east of the centre of Peakhurst.

How To Get To The Integrated Combat Centre in Peakhurst?


We are short 3 minute drive from Caltex Woolworths on 740 Forest Rd, Peakhurst.

Please follow the directions on the map below:

Integrated Combat Centre Map

Once you arrive there is plenty of street parking available in front of the gym.


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