Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


What is Brazilian jiu jitsu?

Brazilian jiu jitsu (or BJJ) is a martial art sport comprising primarily of grappling and ground fighting. BJJ is truly a unique self defence system, which its leverage-based techniques, including joint-locks and chokeholds, allows a smaller opponent to overcome and subdue a bigger and stronger opponent.

Founded by the Gracie family in the early 1900s, BJJ gained significant interest when members of the Gracie family were able to defeat much larger-sized opponents from other martial arts backgrounds in tournaments that preceded the now hugely popular UFC.

Why train BJJ?

BJJ will arm you with the essential skills to confidently and effectively defend yourself in real life situations, particularly when your opponent is of a much bigger build. BJJ is suitable to everyone irrespective of gender, age, fitness level and experience.

You may just want to get fit, build confidence, take your martial arts to the next level or aspire to become the next UFC champion. BJJ will provide you with the tools to achieve your goal. [We have BJJ classes catering kids, teenagers and adults – fundamental and advanced.




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