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If you’re like most people you’ve tried your fair share of gyms. And what have you got from your membership? A lot of recurring guilt that you haven’t been in three months. Well, for one, sitting on a bike going nowhere and counting down the minutes until you can get off isn’t fun; it’s hamster hell.

We say… stop repeating boring exercises and start getting fighting fit! Seriously, did a trainer ever stick gloves on your fists and get you punching? If they did it was probably one of the most exhilarating gym experiences you ever had. At ICC you won’t just punch, you’ll kick, knee, elbow, lunge, roll and grapple your way to a level of fitness you never thought possible! You’ll get ridiculously fit and have so much fun that you’ll want to do it every day!

At ICC we’re one big family of fighters and we come in all shapes and sizes. No judgments, no inflated egos. Just a welcoming community of like minded people with one goal in mind – to get fighting fit while having fun! Yes, we have our share of top competition athletes and elite fighters. But guess what, we’re all equals here, and we all help each other get where we want to go. Check out the ICC Philosophy


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We welcome all fitness and skill levels. Our programs are primed for weight loss, developing whole body strength and one of the fastest ways to get fit whilst having fun!

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