We're for Teens!

Being a Teenager is hard enough!

So much peer pressure and confusion as teenagers take those sometimes-difficult steps towards adulthood.

Keeping your teens focused, fit, entertained and happy has never been more challenging than in today’s day and age. ICC is a fun way for teens to get fighting fit, develop self-esteem, self-confidence and genuine pride in themselves.

Teens will perform better in all aspects of their lives’ and make the right choices about life. It’s not just about the fighting. At ICC Teens learn to practice discipline and respect and develop an internal sense of calm and non-reactivity when faced with bullying and other external life challenges.

At ICC we still believe in old school values – family, duty, honour and respect. Read more about the ICC philosophy here why ICC. These values will show up at home and school and be something your teens carry on through to adult life.


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We welcome all fitness and skill levels. Our programs are primed for weight loss, developing whole body strength and one of the fastest ways to get fit whilst having fun!

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