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The ICC opened in 2013 with the aim of providing a one-stop shop for all your martial arts, health and fitness needs. START YOUR 2 WEEKS UNLIMITED TRIAL!

Change Your Life with Martial Arts Training in Lugarno

At ICC, we have an inclusive, motivating and fun culture that is family friendly and committed to helping everyone, from beginners through to professionals, achieve their goals. We love watching our students conquer self-doubt, learn new skills and improve their overall fitness and wellbeing. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a beginner wanting to get fit and have fun at the same time, our martial arts academy has the classes for you. Sign up for a free trial today and find out all the ways martial arts training can improve your life.

Motivating and Inspiring Kids Martial Arts Classes

Combining fun and fitness with discipline and respect, our kid’s classes are designed to improve physical skills, self-confidence, and mental wellbeing in a fun, safe and respectful environment. We offer a comprehensive kids martial arts program with classes 6 days a week across multiple martial arts styles including BJJ, Kickboxing and Karate. Get your kids off the phone and onto the mats today.

Find Out More About Karate, BJJ and Kickboxing Classes in Lugarno

Taught by a team of passionate and dedicated instructors, we are an all-in-one mixed martial arts combat centre with multiple styles available for everyone to learn, including:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – combining combat sport with self-defense, classes in BJJ utilize grappling and ground fighting allowing a smaller opponent to overcome and subdue a bigger, stronger opponent.
  • Kickboxing – our Muay Thai style has eight points meaning you can use fists, feet, elbows and knees to fight making it so much fun and much better for all round fitness.
  • Karate – we teach a blended style of traditional karate combined with BJJ, known as Karate Jitsu. Our classes will arm you with the essential skills to confidently and effectively defend yourself in real life situations.
  • MMA - combining all techniques and skills learnt from all the other martial arts styles, MMA is a fun and exciting form of fitness.

Don’t Wait, Join ICC Today

Sign up for a free trail and experience the incredible benefits martial arts can bring to your life. Join our family of passionate martial arts enthusiasts in Lugarno today, we welcome anyone whatever your age, gender, race, religion, ability and body type with open arms and an open mind. For more information, get in touch with us on (02) 8221 8899 or contact us online now.


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