Benefits of martial Arts for Kids:

Martial arts is a discipline which allows us to hone in on a particular skill and then build it up. To be able to achieve this we work on concentration and attention, like making our muscles strong through consistent and dedicated effort we only develop the ability to focus through hard work.

Kids that find it difficult to stay on track, have ADHD or are just very active need opportunities to practice self-control. Being able to listen, focus and then produce a result is a huge yet very achievable barrier we overcome every day.

Your instructor is an important part of Martial Arts learning. Children will need to listen to and follow instructions in order to learn new moves and skills.

With our preschool kids we run 30-minute classes which are stacked with games, techniques, restart points and listening drills. These classes provide motoring skills but also act as a stepping stone towards our kid’s classes where the expectations are higher.

Our kid’s classes start looking at how to build leaders, complex movements, how to interact with those who are learning/starting a new skill & what type of learning works best for you. Our kid’s classes run for 45 minutes and hence require more attention. The ability to focus and stay on task shows benefits in a number of areas all across our lives.

Concentration and focus go hand in hand. We start by teaching simple basic techniques and then layer it up with more difficult ones. The ability to keep it all together while in motion is tough, with time our kids develop the ability to do this better than most adults.

The mind controls the body, having the confidence to know what you are capable of and the ability to let your body do it is a mastery. If the mind needs to be primed first in order for the body to work efficiently and effectively then it is critical that we build an ability to focus.

With all this said, the best way to see this in action is to jump into a class. We offer a one-week FREE trial for our kid’s and preschool classes. Martial arts are also an approved “Active Kids” activity. Integrated combat centre Canterbury and Peakhurst will happily put these funds to good use for your child building the focus they need to jump ahead of the pack.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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