What equipment is needed for kickboxing, and how can you get started?

Popular around the world, kickboxing is an exhilarating combat sport that combines elements of boxing with various martial arts techniques. Whether your ultimate goal is to get fit, learn valuable self-defence skills, or simply enjoy a new hobby, kickboxing training provides a dynamic, and engaging full body workout – you’ll also learn a vast array of practical life skills too! Before you begin your kickboxing journey, it’s essential to arm yourself with some basic equipment to help you develop your skills safely. Here we will guide you through the necessary equipment you’ll need to get started in the sport.


A fundamental item for all kickboxing students, boxing gloves provide support, protection, and cushioning to absorb the impact of punches and blocks, significantly reducing the risk of hand injuries. Look for gloves that are lightweight, well-padded, and fit your hands snugly but don’t restrict your movement. To ensure the right fit for your needs, consult with a knowledgeable trainer to determine the gloves that will best suit you.

Hand Wraps

An essential component of kickboxing gear, hand wraps provide support and protection for your knuckles, bones, and tendons in your wrists, and hands. Consisting of long strips of fabric that wrap around your hands and wrists, wearing hand wraps helps prevent injuries, such as sprains or fractures, and provides stability during training sessions or fights. It’s important to invest in high-quality hand wraps made of breathable and durable material.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are essential for kickboxing, as they protect the shins from kicks and other strikes, helping to reduce the risk of painful bruises and fractures. They also help shield your training partners from any accidental contact during sparring sessions. Choose shin guards that provide adequate protection yet allow you to move and kick comfortably.


In all combat sports, blows to the face are common so it’s crucial to protect your teeth, jaw, and mouth with a well-fitted mouthguard. A properly fitted mouthguard provides essential cushioning and minimises the risk of dental injuries. Look for a mouthguard that offers a comfortable fit, good breathability, and excellent shock absorption. 

Skipping Rope

A jump rope, or skipping rope, is a versatile and valuable tool that can help kickboxers improve their footwork, agility, cardiovascular fitness, rhythm, and timing. It’s also an effective tool for warming up before kickboxing training or as a form of active recovery between intense rounds. There are many skipping ropes available to suit all budgets, make sure you look for jump rope that is lightweight, the right length for your height, and offers a soft grip for maximum comfort. 

Training Shoes

A pair of well-fitted, lightweight training shoes will offer adequate support and stability so you can practice your skills safely and comfortably. When choosing shoes for kickboxing, look for trainers that are designed for cross-training or specifically for combat sports as this will ensure the right balance of cushioning and traction.

Training Pads and a Heavy Bag

To enhance your technique and power, consider acquiring training pads and a heavy bag. These tools allow you to practice punches, kicks, and combinations with impact. Training pads, such as focus mitts and Thai pads, require a partner to hold them. On the other hand, a heavy bag can be used for solo training sessions.

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