BJJ Techniques – What is a Stack Pass?

To succeed in BJJ sparring and competitions, it’s important to master various guard passing tactics, and one such tactic is the stack pass. One of the most common types of pressure passing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it can be highly effective at every level of competition. As one of the leading Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies, ICC welcomes all ages and abilities to learn a variety of martial art styles in a safe and welcoming environment. Read on to learn more about the stack pass and why it is an important skill to master.

What is Guard Passing?

An essential skill in BJJ, guard passing is where you pass your opponent’s guard and move to more dominating positions. A significant part of your training should be spent learning and mastering guard passing techniques as it is very difficult to win a match if you can’t pass your opponent’s legs.

What Is the Stack Pass?

One of the most fundamental techniques in BJJ training, the stack pass is a style of pressure passing where you ‘stack’ your opponent’s legs to pass the guard. The guard passer drives their opponent’s knee toward their face producing massive pressure on their upper body. Then, the hip spins a little bit to eliminate the opponent’s defences and allows the attacked to reach the side control position. It is one of the first techniques that is taught as it is a relatively straightforward move and does not require special attributes to be able to perform it.

While the stack pass may look like a simple technique, it takes some practice to master it. While it is often taught in the first month of BJJ training, it will serve you well up to the black belt level if you continue to take the time to refine your technique.

What are the Benefits of a Stack Pass?

  • It forces your opponent to weaken their defences by forcing their legs upwards and over your body. This gives you access to pass the guard underneath their legs.
  • It is a great passing technique for all grapplers. As the stack pass relies on weight and positioning to be effective, any athlete who understands how to use their weight properly to pressure an opponent will succeed with it.
  • It can nullify many modern guards that are used in competition.
  • Pressure passes such as the stack pass also minimize the threat of getting leg locked as your legs are out of reach.

Performing the Stack Pass

  • First, ensure that you have good posture inside the closed guard, your back should be straight as you establish your initial grips. You can grip near the hip or the sleeve, but it is recommended that you use both.
  • Once initial grip has been established, lift your leg on the opposite side and use your knee to block your opponent’s leg. This will force your opponent to recover their guard on the other side because your body is tilted at an angle. Once you notice this, move your other leg forward to block that side as well.
  • Next, scoop the leg on the side that’s trying to recover guard and grab the cross-side collar. Apply pressure by bringing your weight down.
  • Grab the pants near the opponent’s backside to control their hip and move to the side of the hooked leg.
  • Finally, push their hip using your belly to complete the pass.

The stack pass is one of the best techniques you can do to pass the guard. It is a very high percentage move that can also be used in mixed martial arts competitions. If you would like learn more about martial arts or to enrol in BJJ, Marrickville, Penshurst, Hurstville and all Western Sydney locals should get in touch with us at ICC today.

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