5 Reasons Why Muay Thai is So Popular

There are many different styles of martial arts that are practised all over the world by people of all ages for fitness, self-defence, and competitive purposes. Muay Thai, the art of 8 limbs, is one of the most popular combat sports and it’s easy to see why. One of the most effective striking styles in the world, practising Muay Thai will help you become a fitter, stronger, and more confident version of yourself. There are many reasons why Muay Thai is one of the most popular martial arts styles in the world, here’s just 5 of them.


Muay Thai techniques are simple and designed to inflict pain in the quickest and easiest way.

Focusing on basic techniques that utilize the hands, feet, knees, and elbows to create the fundamentals, the simplicity of Muay Thai means that almost anyone can learn and enjoy the art. It’s important to remember that the basics might be easy to grasp, but the key to success is mastering the fundamentals and then honing your skills over time to become more advanced and effective.

A High Intensity, Full-Body Workout

Muay Thai offers a killer workout! Muay Thai fighters are in incredible shape, and this is due to the fact that Muay Thai is a martial art that utilizes the whole body. Each session will have you punching, striking, and kicking, pushing your whole body to its limit. If you’re looking for a martial art that will improve your cardio, strength, and transform your physique, you should consider classes in Muay Thai. Hurstville, Mortdale and Marrickville locals should get in touch with the team at ICC today. Sign up for a 2-week unlimited trial and try a variety of martial arts to see which style is right for you.

Self Defence

Muay Thai techniques evolved for use on the battlefields by ancient Thai warriors, this means that the skills you learn are highly effective for self-defence. Sydney is generally a safe city, however, there’s always a chance that you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Muay Thai techniques will arm you with both attack and defence skills needed for long-range and close-range combat, helping you to stay safe should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself.

The Perfect Striking Base For MMA

Largely due to the rise of UFC, mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports of the last decade. MMA allows fighters from different martial arts backgrounds to compete under one set of rules. To be a successful MMA fighter, it’s essential to combine a striking style with a grappling art. Muay Thai is the ultimate striking base that will allow you to be highly competitive in the world of MMA.

Improved Physical and Mental Strength

Practising Muay Thai will make you stronger, both physically and mentally. Muay Thai trainers will push you to your limits to bring out your best. The high-intensity training never gets easier, but over time your body will become stronger, and your mental toughness will improve, and this will help you to navigate any challenges that you may face in everyday life.

Want to Learn More About Muay Thai or Other Martial Art Styles?

At ICC, we offer classes in a variety of different styles, including BJJ, Karate and Kickboxing. Our kickboxing is unique, because unlike normal kickboxing which has a four-point fighting system, our Muay Thai style has eight points – you can use fists, feet, elbows, and knees to fight! Get in touch with us today to find our more or book your trail online now.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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