5 Reasons Why Women Should Practice Martial Arts

With the many benefits it offers to physical and mental health and fitness, it’s easy to see why martial arts training has become one of the most popular activities amongst people of all ages and genders. Until recently, there has been a common misconception that combat sports are more suited to boys and men, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. At ICC, we welcome all genders and ages and we have seen a positive increase in girls and women joining our training academy. Learning martial arts is good for everyone, here we will explain why every woman should consider joining.

Learn Valuable Self-Defence Tactics

A huge benefit to learning martial arts, and one that is especially important for women, is an improved ability to perform practical self-defence manoeuvres. Martial arts can prepare women to defend themselves in life-threatening and dangerous situations, giving them the confidence that they can protect themselves if they ever need to.

Improve Self-Confidence

Many women suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Learning, practicing, improving, and succeeding at a new skill is empowering and does wonders for self-confidence, it also gives women the confidence boost they need to succeed in other areas of life.

Boost Physical Health

Quality martial arts workouts include stretching, interval training, cardio and flexibility all of which helps to build optimum endurance and increase overall physical fitness. As an intense total body workout, you will burn calories, build muscle tone, improve reflexes and increase balance. Practising martial arts also helps to develop motor skills which shield women from debilitating, age-related injuries as they get older.

Relieve Stress

Undoubtedly, women are under a great deal of stress most days, whether it’s due to children, career a demanding lifestyle or a combination of all of these. Practicing martial arts gives women the opportunity to unleash, unwind and relax and see a drastic improvement in their moods. The endorphins released through a martial arts session will significantly help counter act the stresses of everyday life.

Improve Mental Health

Many studies have shown that exercise can help improve mental health. Martial arts combines physical fitness with mediation and mindfulness, all of which help women to feel better about themselves, improve their focus and concentration, let go of anger and make new friends in a warm and friendly environment. Many women see an improvement in their mental health and discover a greater strength to fight the inner struggles they often go through on a daily basis.

At ICC, we welcome and encourage girls and women of all ages and abilities to enrol and experience the benefits of martial arts firsthand. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts in Hurstville and Canterbury from internationally certified instructors who are experienced in training all levels of skill, from beginners to the advanced. Book a trial or give us a call today on (02) 8221 8899 for more information about any of our classes.

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