6 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

We live in an era of smartphone devices, tablets and personal computers. Children worldwide are generally much less active than earlier generations were. As an answer to this problem, parents often look for an appropriate sports program to enroll their child in. Usually parents pick up the sport that first crosses their minds, often not even thinking about the effect it will have on their child.

However, not every sport is the same. It is not uncommon for group sports that include fierce competitiveness to lead to issues with self-esteem or, in some cases, even to misplaced aggression. On the other hand, there are physical activities that help children get rid of that extra energy in a safe manner, keep their aggressive behavior under control and gain self-esteem, confidence and focus; and there is no better way to achieve these goals than martial arts training.

Before you make a decision what sport to recommend for your kid it would be nice to do at least some research. In case you have been wondering about what benefits martial arts offer to kids, we have compiled this list for you.

Physical Activity and Fun

If you haven’t noticed, in the most developed countries there is an obesity epidemic threatening people of all ages. When it comes to good fitness habits, there is no better time to develop them than in early childhood. Yes, there are youth sports and physical education programs in schools, but not every child is the same.

Martial arts training is an excellent alternative for kids who are not interested in some of the traditional team sports and truly shine when they don’t have to rely on others. By learning a martial art your child will become healthier, have an excellent outlet for pent up stress and have tons of fun in the process.

You can also look forward to seeing your kids’ balance improve, making them less likely to bump into things or fall, and grappling arts like BJJ will also teach kids how to fall without hurting themselves. Make sure that center you take your kid in has all the necessary safety equipment like in Integrated Combat Centre Sydney, where many kids already train martial arts.

Fostering Self-Discipline

There is one underlying characteristic of all martial arts; they emphasize self-discipline. One of the most common problems that children face these days is procrastination. This is because in this modern age most kids receive instant gratification and don’t have a chance to learn self-restraint and discipline. On the other hand, martial arts require one to be aware of his or her limitations and they build patience and discipline through training, as these are essential skills required for further progress.

Developing Focus

Focus and stillness are very rare today, as we are constantly flooded by information through many different channels. Martial arts are a good choice for developing a calm and focused mind, because during just one training session there will be many challenges that can be overcome only by staying focused. As you may already know, in many cases the greatest obstacle we face on the road to success is our fear of failure. Overcoming this obstacle at a young age is a great way for your child to prepare for the challenges they will face later in life.

Improve Socialization Skills

Instead of spending countless hours looking at a smartphone or computer screen, it is much healthier for a child to dive into a highly social environment, such as a martial arts centre. He or she will be surrounded by other kids who share the same interests. For instance, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to foster friendship and collaboration, since kids will be working in pairs, building their skills and overcoming obstacles together. Great example is training centre that has specialized programs for kids who want learn martial arts in Sydney.

Gain Confidence

In most cases, kids who train are not the same age, height or weight. This unique opportunity to train with older kids and spar with stronger peers is a great opportunity for a child to build character and be reminded of the importance of humility. Developing this sense of deep self-knowledge is a great way for anyone to learn to respect others and gain confidence.

Setting Realistic Goals

We all know that setting realistic goals and sticking to a plan is an important aspect of life, and martial arts are a great way to learn how to do so. Most of them include accomplishment systems of titles and belts that represent the level of the wearer’s skill. Setting realistic goals is correlated with self-disciple; both of these important life lessons can be developed through consistent training.

As you can see, there are many benefits to practicing martial arts and you can expect to see your kids improve in many different fields. Of course, this also depends on the school and martial arts teacher, so you need to find a credible school with a positive atmosphere where your kids can develop their skills while having fun.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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