BJJ in Hong Kong

I recently came back from my trip to Hong Kong, where I was able to organise training sessions at a few of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) gyms there.  I last visited Hong Kong a few years ago, when BJJ was very much at its infancy, but had some very promising glimpses into the future of the sport with big players like Epic MMA and Fitness coming into the foray.

3 years has now passed and this time I was very impressed by the growth and talent emerging out of Hong Kong.  This is largely due to the increased demand for the sport of MMA, thanks to the rising popularity of the UFC. With BJJ as a core requirement for any successful MMA program, it has been very clear that the investment made into quality BJJ instructors by many of the martial arts gyms has paid dividends. Not only has

the standard of BJJ in the individual gyms improved greatly, but also the overall standard of BJJ in Hong Kong as a result.

During my time in Hong Kong, I trained at Epic MMA, which boasts 4 black belts, one of which is a current UFC fighter – Alberto Mina.  Jab MMA has Rodrigo Caporal, aMMA and international BJJ competitor, representing the BJJ powerhouse team ATOS.  Gracie Barra Wan Chai is owned by life long martial artist and BJJ black belt Henry Chan. Coincidentally, Henry was hosting a training session with Clark Gracie, the face of modern day BJJ,of which I was fortunate enough to attend.

I have been very privileged to have competed and trained around the world for BJJ, and it always pleases me to see the continual growth of this beautiful yet deadly art everywhere I go.  Hong Kong may not be the mecca of BJJ, but for those who are keen grapplers and happen to be passing through, make sure you pack your belt and gi, and bring your A game.

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