Dutch Kickboxing vs. Freestyle – The Ultimate Showdown!

If you’re interested in kickboxing training, you might wondering which style is best for you: Dutch or Freestyle? Both are effective for beginners and both offer unique approaches to striking, conditioning, and self-defence. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dive (or kick) your way into the world of martial arts or a seasoned practitioner wanting to refine your skills, the choice between Dutch kickboxing and freestyle isn’t easy. ICC is the kickboxing centre Croydon Park locals trust for high-quality martial arts training in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Here we will have a look at both kickboxing styles to help you determine which path aligns best with you.

Dutch Kickboxing – The Art of Precision and Power

Originating in the Netherlands, Dutch kickboxing emphasises a more aggressive and hard-hitting approach with a key focus on precision, power, and relentless offensive tactics. Deeply rooted in Muay Thai and traditional boxing, the Dutch style of kickboxing combines devastating strikes with seamless, strategic footwork and impactful defensive manoeuvres. Often used in professional kickboxing and MMA competitions, you’ll be trained to deliver a diverse array of strikes, including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, with pinpoint accuracy for maximum impact.

What Are the Key Features of Dutch Kickboxing?

A heavy emphasis on striking – you’ll have to master the art of delivering powerful punches, kicks, and knee strikes with utmost precision and efficiency.

In addition to striking, Dutch kickboxers are adept at clinch work, utilising tight grips and sweeps to control opponents and create openings for devastating strikes.

Footwork is a cornerstone of Dutch kickboxing, you’ll need to learn the art of movement to evade attacks, create angles, and launch counterattacks with lighting speed and meticulous precision.

Freestyle – The Art of Adaptability and Creativity

In contrast to the structured approach of Dutch kickboxing, freestyle kickboxing embraces adaptability, creativity, and versatility. Incorporating a wider range of techniques including high kicks, spinning kicks, and fancy footwork, this style draws inspiration from many other martial arts disciplines as well as street fighting and contemporary combat sports. Often used in fitness kickboxing classes, this style of kickboxing gives you more freedom to explore and integrate various techniques to suit your individual fighting style.

What Are the Key Features of Freestyle Kickboxing?

Adaptive Techniques – Freestyle kickboxing is all about adaptability, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of techniques and strategies.

It also encourages creative expression, empowering you to innovate and improvise during sparring and competition.

Freestyle kickboxing draws from a diverse range of influences, including boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, among others, enabling you to integrate elements from various disciplines to create a well-rounded skill set.

Choosing the Right Path for You

So the question remains, which kickboxing style should you choose? Well, the decision hinges on your personal needs, goals and aspirations.

You might want to choose Dutch Kickboxing if:

  • You’re drawn to the precision and power of striking techniques.
  • You enjoy the structured approach of traditional martial arts training.
  • Your goal is to compete in kickboxing or MMA. Dutch style kickboxing may be more effective for beginners as it is more focused on practical techniques for fighting.

Freestyle might be better for you if:

  • You value adaptability, creativity, and versatility in your training.
  • You prefer a more fluid approach that allows for experimentation and innovation.
  • You’re interested in exploring a diverse range of martial arts techniques and integrating them into your style.
  • Your goal is to get a good workout and learn some basic self-defence.

If you’re torn between Dutch and freestyle kickboxing, there really is no clear winner – you need to decided which style resonates most deeply with your aspirations. Whether you’re attracted to the precision and power of Dutch kickboxing or the creativity of freestyle, both offer incredible opportunities for fitness, growth and self-discovery.

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