Fitness Kickboxing – Transform Your Body and Learn a Skill That Could Save Your Life

In fitness, you can lift weights or do cardio – why not join a class where you can do both at the very same time? At ICC our fitness kickboxing program is the ultimate full body workout where you will see amazing results, fast. ICC is the leading kickboxing academy Canterbury and Peakhurst locals trust for a wide range of martial arts classes where anyone from any level of fitness can get involved. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and welcoming environment and we strongly believe that exercise should not be a chore, but something that is fun and makes you feel good. Read on to learn more about the many benefits our fitness kickboxing program has to offer.

Kickboxing Works Your Entire Body

Your boxing gloves weigh 1 lb. so every punch you throw is like lifting a light weight and you’re moving for the entire session so you get great cardio too. Kickboxing is a true all-around workout, it strengthens and works numerous if not all muscle groups – the core muscles contained within the trunk of the body by using balance and strength, then leg and arm muscles through various kicks, punches and stances.

Kickboxing Builds Confidence

As part of kickboxing training you set goals and achieve them, you work hard and reap the rewards. Watch your confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment of life soar. Kickboxing pushes you to do your best, and a great kickboxing academy will support you every step of the way.

  • You are the one throwing every punch and every kick.
  • You are the one getting the results.
  • When you see what you’re capable of, how you see yourself will change too.

You Learn Helpful Self-Defence Skills

Kickboxing can also serve as a great self-defence tool. Arming you with the tools to be able to defend yourself in a harmful situation, you will never feel vulnerable or uncomfortable when walking alone.

Develop a sense of intuition, learn quick thinking, and learn how to stay calm under pressure, each element working towards keeping you safer and enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Get a Boost in Your Energy Levels

Performing a high-intensity kickboxing class might seem like something that would tire you out, however kickboxing gives most people an energy boost, not just because of the natural endorphins that flow during a session but also due to the empowering nature of the workout. If you want to give your physical and mental energy levels a boost, kickboxing workouts will enable your body will feel refreshed and full of energy (after a post-class rest period of course!)

It Increases Focus & Concentration

Kickboxing can help you improve both your focus and concentration, this is because it is a martial art and that means it requires a whole lot of dedication and concentration to master. Different kicks, punches, and fighting moves take a lot of time to perfect, and without the proper amount of dedication, there is no chance of ever improving. Mastering your kickboxing technique will teach you the focus, concentration, and dedication that you need to get through life.

At ICC we focus and we work hard, but seeing our students enjoy their fitness gives us a buzz too. People come to us for the results, and stay for the community here in Peakhurst and Canterbury. You’ll make friends, cheer each other on, form bonds, and have a tonne of fun as a result. If you want to get 5 Sessions of crazy fun, body toning fitness kickboxing classes in Peakhurst and Canterbury for only $39, get in touch with us today. Enquire online or call (02) 8221 8899 today.

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