How to Get Your Muscles Ready for MMA Training

MMA training is hard on the whole body and it can easily be the most mentally and physically challenging sport out there. Since many of the techniques engage several different muscles groups it is recommended to work out in order to build up endurance and strength. The training becomes extra hard during the weeks leading up to a match.

A well-rounded training provides the best results. In case you want to try and train MMA, these are the exercises that will help you get your muscles ready. If you stick to your training and this workout regime you will increase strength and stamina levels along with mental and physical fitness.

Warm Up

Never forget to do some of the warm up exercises. They will make your heart rate go up and get some extra blood in your muscles to get them ready for the following powerful and explosive movements. Hill Sprints are an excellent exercise to start your training with. They will help you build stamina and all you need is good will and pair of running shoes. Indoors, you can stick to some classics like walking heel to butt, lateral lunges, jumping jacks etc.


The push up movement, though it might seem very simple, activates many muscle groups in your body. This exercise will make engage your pecs, triceps, anterior deltoids and abs. Also, pushups have a number of variations that can help you target different muscles better and you can increase the difficulty by doing them with one hand on a raised surface or even just one-handed.

Consider adding dive bomber push ups and clapping push ups to your fitness workout rotations. They are great for building upper body strength and gaining on stability, as well as developing some explosive power. This exercise is also good for strengthening ligaments and tendons.

Burpees – Jumping Jacks – Jumping Rope

This burpee is so effective that it is considered a standard exercise in many fitness programs and MA gyms around the globe. This is because burpees are a full body exercise. They can be done anywhere so you won’t have an excuse to not do them in your house or just outside in the park. What muscles groups do they engage? Let’s see, arms, pecs, glutes, legs and core. With one exercise you will improve both your endurance and explosiveness.

If Burpees are too much for you to handle, you can try a less engaging alternative to get your fitness levels up before you can do a series of burpees. A good alternative that is also an excellent form of cardio are jumping jacks, a great exercise that improves stamina and mobility. Or you can try jumping rope, a perfect way to build up stamina and speed and work on your timing.

Ab Workout

Strong abs are very important for MMA training, as they help you both take shots and develop great power in your own strikes. A very simple but efficient exercise you should try are mountain climbers. Why are mountain climbers awesome?

Because it will help you improve your endurance, agility and strength. During mountain climbers the quads are doing the most of the work, but also your arms, chest and core which keep stabilizing the body. Other ab exercises that could help you strengthen your core are: hanging leg raise, sit-ups with punches, med-ball russian twist, cable wood chop and plank roll.

More Strength and Muscles

Once you can easily perform sets of exercises mentioned above you are ready to hit the gym and gain more muscle and strength. Aside from all the Olympics lifts and their alternatives, the power clean being the best option for explosive power, here are some of the exercises that should become your routine.

Weighted Pullups is fundamental compound exercise for the upper-body. Don’t skip it! The next ones in line are military and bench press. Bench press will help you build up push strength by making your shoulders, chest and triceps stronger. While the military press is good for shoulders and triceps.

The deadlift is a must. Not only will you work out your lower back (the commonly neglected area of the body during workouts) but you will also prevent injuries because deadlifts increase strength of the muscles around critical ligaments and tendons.

Keep in mind that you should not work out your muscles only for somethings specific like MMA training. It would be best to make it a standard part of a lifestyle. Physical activity is not only important for people who spend a lot of their time seated, it also plays a very important role in child development.

This is why at Integrated Combat Center, Sydney, we don’t only focus on teaching the kids martial arts but through fitness programs and martial arts training we are also trying to show and teach both the kids and the grownups how important an active and healthy lifestyle is.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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