How to Prepare Your Kids for their First Martial Arts Lesson

Martial arts training is an excellent opportunity for your child to discover many things about her/himself. These types of training also has a positive impact on character development. It’s no wonder that many parents support their child when he/she shows an interest for such a discipline.

The first martial art lesson is not any different than any other first’s event in your child’s life, like the first day in kindergarten or school. In order to prevent it from being a stressful experience that can result in your child completely losing any interest in training martial arts there are few things you can do.

This is why we have put together this list of tips on how to prepare your little ones for their first martial arts lesson.

how to prepare your little ones for their first martial arts lesson.

Perform Extensive Research

It’s only natural to want the best school and martial art instructor for your kid. This is why it is best to start your search on the internet. Look for nearby MA schools with a good reputation. You can even ask around and see if any of the people you know have a personal experience with any of the local schools. It is important to know that teaching the martial arts to adults is not the same as teaching them to kids. If anything, it requires more attention and care.

Narrow down your search to training centers that have specially designed MA classes for kids. We, at Integrated Combat Center, Sydney, have specialized martial arts trainings for kids that requires absolutely no prior knowledge. We also provide safe and fun learning environment every child will enjoy.

Help your Kid Pick a Martial Art

Whether your kid learned about martial arts by watching movies or some of his/her peers who are training one, you will need to educate yourself about what choices your kid has. Whether it is Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or some other martial art, you can try to get familiar with the basic principles.

You can have a sit-down with your little one and read about different martial arts online. You can also use YouTube to watch what the training looks like. You can also find out which movies that martial art was featured in, so that you can watch it with your kid and get excited about training.

Don’t worry if your kid can’t make a choice right at that very moment. You can enlist your kid in a free trial martial art training and see how it goes. Don’t make choices for your kids; once they experience the training and meet other kids, they will decide for themselves.

Getting the Right Training Gear for your Kid

In most cases, your kid will only need a cozy pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt for the first training session. While you are there, you can ask the instructor what gear your child needs in case he/she decides to continue training.

If you want to build up your kids’ enthusiasm, you can even do some shopping before the class. All that new, cool gear and clothes are a great way to get your kid even more interested.

Let’s quickly go through some starter gear. For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, your kid will need a BJJ Gi, a training uniform that is made from tougher materials than uniforms for other MAs. Another part of BJJ gear is a belt which represents rank and expertise.

Be a Supportive Parent, not a second MA Instructor

This is maybe the most important thing among all other. Many parents get personally involved with their kid’s training, criticizing the little one and pointing out all their weak sides. This has a powerful impact on kids’ will to train and their overall mood. If your kids are doing anything wrong, don’t worry, the professional instructor is there to work with them. Your “job” is to be supportive and tell your kids how good it is that they are training and that you can see positive results. Encourage your kids, it means a lot to them!

As you can see it is not complicated to get your kid ready for their first training day. If you successfully manage to be there for your kid and support him/her, your kid will enjoy training a martial art and reap all the benefits. If you don’t miss anything and want to make your kid “first martial art lesson proof”, go over these tips one more time and plan everything out carefully.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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