Muay Thai – The Art of Eight Weapons

Using all eight striking weapons on your body, two legs, two knees, two hands and two elbows, Muay Thai is one of the most comprehensive and brutal martial art forms practised all around the world. Using intense power and razor sharp speed to make short work of opponents, this ancient art is not just about power and technique, it is founded on the principles of discipline, spirituality and respect allowing you to learn tools that can be used in everyday life. At Integrated Combat Centre, we pride ourselves on providing high quality martial arts training incorporating Muay Thai techniques to Hurstville, Peakhurst, Canterbury and Padstow locals. Let’s take a detailed look at this spectacular art and break down the 8 weapons utilized in Muay Thai.


The most commonly used weapons at mid-range, the technique and execution of punches in Muay Thai are very similar to punches in boxing. However, the difference comes from the manner and form in which they are thrown, which is largely due to the footwork and guard form commonly used in Muay Thai. Turning of the hips and foot behind every punch promotes the best possible balance of speed, power and explosiveness.


While other martial arts and combat sports like karate and taekwondo may include elbow strikes, Muay Thai allows for elbows to be used much more practically and frequently, especially in competition. Considered to be the ‘knives’ of the Muay Thai arsenal, when executed correctly, elbows have the ability to cause severe cuts across the face or end a fight altogether.


Similar to the use of elbows, no other martial art comes close to the manner in which knees are utilized. Knee strikes are one of the most lethal and important aspects of Muay Thai. Often compared to the spears of ancient warfare, a well-placed knee strike to the right area of the body will most certainly spell the end of the fight as they have the potential to knock an opponent completely unconscious.


The roundhouse kick is the most frequently used power kicking technique used in combat sports. However, it is the refined version used in Muay Thai that strikes the most fear in the world of unarmed combat. Muay Thai also utilizes foot-thrusts, known in Thai as teeps. One of the most underrated of all the techniques in Muay Thai, the teep enhances a fighter’s offensive and defensive capabilities and plays a huge part in breaking down an opponent mentally.

Can Anyone Do Muay Thai?

While a sport known for using 8 weapons may appear a little intimidating, Muay Thai can certainly be done by almost anyone. You don’t need to be in shape to start, but keep in mind that every time you start a new exercise, it will be hard. Luckily, Muay Thai is a skill-based sport and the harder you try and the more you do it, the easier it will get. Find a gym where there are other beginners to the sport and has instructors who encourage and guide you along you along your journey with your goals in mind.

Interested in learning Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts? Come down to ICC, conveniently located just a short drive from Hurstville in Peakhurst and Canterbury, and we will help you get started. Martial arts can be practised by anyone so, no matter your fitness level, age or experience sign up for your first class or free trail today. Give us a call on (02) 8221 8899 or contact us online for more information.

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