Preventing Martial Arts Injuries

There are many different forms of martial arts including Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jistu, Kickboxing, MMA and more. Whether you are practising a martial art to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility or to learn valuable life skills, there is always some risk of sustaining an injury, no matter how careful you are during training or self-defence classes. ICC is the premier Sydney martial arts academy, an all-in-one mixed martial arts combat centre with multiple styles available for everyone, at any age or fitness level. Compared to other contact sports, the risk of injury from martial arts is low, however they can still happen. Read on to learn more about common martial arts injuries and how they can be prevented.

What Are the Most Common Martial Arts Injuries?

In most martial art forms, injuries usually occur when the participant is struck with their opponent’s hand or foot. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Sprains and ligament injuries, including Plantar Fasciitis (bruising of the Plantar Fascia ligament that runs along the sole of the foot)
  • Muscle or tendon strains
  • Knee injuries – often caused by the bent-knee stance or the use of forceful kicks
  • Dislocations and fractures
  • Joint injuries
  • Concussion – most common from striking, but can also happen in grappling as a result of a slam or take-down.

Ways to Prevent Injuries

Whether you are a beginner or elite martial artist, injuries can affect anyone and no matter what level you are at, its’ important to take the below steps to reduce your risk of injury and give yourself the best chance of enjoying martial arts for the longest time possible.

Warm Up and Cool Down Thoroughly

All sessions must begin with a sport specific warm up. This includes at least 15 minutes of stretching followed by functional movements similar to types of movement actually used in the session. After each session, there should be a period of stretching to cool down the body appropriately. Recovery training such as foam rolling and massages are also important for injury prevention.

Focus on Proper Technique

Students should focus on training with good technique, and not take shortcuts. Holding or moving the body incorrectly can put unnecessary strain on joints, muscles and ligaments so it is essential students always seek advice from their teachers regarding proper technique.

Choose a Trusted Martial Arts Academy

From beginners to experts, all martial artists should be involved in an accredited martial arts school to learn the appropriate skills and techniques from experienced and highly skilled instructors. All training should be overseen by an experienced coach as many injuries occur when there is a lack of appropriate supervision.

Wear Appropriate Protective Equipment

All martial arts students should have access to good quality, clean training equipment including gloves, helmets, shin guards, a mouth guard and other clothing suitable for specific activities such as a rash guard for grappling.

Don’t Overtrain

Training too much and too often can lead to a wide range of overuse injuries, so make sure you have enough time between training sessions to allow your body to rest and recover properly. Injuries are more likely to occur when the body is exhausted, so adequate rest and recovery is essential.

What to Do in the Event of an Injury

If you sustain an injury, stop training immediately and seek prompt medical treatment. Continuing on could result in further damage. Soft tissue injures such as ligament sprains, muscle strains and bruising should be treated with rest, ice, compression and elevation. If the injury is serious, it’s important to refer to a sports medicine specialist for expert advice and treatment. Finally, do not resume your training until you have completely recovered.

ICC was established to give Sydney residents the chance to learn and enjoy martial arts in their own capacity and improve their level of fitness whilst learning discipline, respect, honour and loyalty. Our martial arts/self-defence classes at our Sydney martial arts school are taught by world-leading martial arts experts and are designed for people of all ages and abilities. We are always happy to see new faces, so get in touch with us online and book a trial today.

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