The Importance of Uniform in Martial Arts

Uniforms are a critical part of martial arts tradition and worn during training sessions. In this article, you will see how wearing uniforms fits in the Integrated Combat Centre (ICC) in Sydney.

What Does the Uniform Represent?

A uniform is not just a piece of clothing. It is also a mental and physical preparation tool.  Putting on your uniform and tying the belt around your waist serves as a signal that you need to get ready for class and give 100% of yourself to it. By leaving everything else behind before you step onto the mats, you will ensure you are both physically and mentally present during the class, so that you can experience all the benefits of the training session at hand.

Wearing the uniform shows how committed we are to what we are doing at ICC.  In many instances, the uniform makes you able to safely do the planned activities during class. It is made to get dirty and withstand to rigorous use so you won’t have to worry about it when you are practising the techniques on the mat.  Martial arts uniforms are designed to be comfortable and non-restrictive. It may feel a little odd wearing it at first but you will soon be accustomed to the feel of the uniform.

We are always looking forward to seeing someone wearing the uniform for the first time – especially the younger kids.  Their faces light up the moment they show up to class and rush to join their classmates.

Here at ICC our martial arts instructors always wear a different uniform so that it is easy for anyone in the class to recognize them and approach them whenever it is necessary.  For the students, different belts and uniforms help our instructors to differentiate who is attending what class and at which level of progress they are at the moment.

The uniform also plays one more important role – it helps you come to an understanding that everyone here at ICC is a part of a big and great team and family. Our uniforms help us build that family closeness and help everyone understand that they are welcome. It shows people that they are part of the martial art community — the select few willing to train, learn and advance.

What Happens if you Forget to Bring your Uniform?

We always encourage people to train in uniform. Occasionally, you may happen to forget your uniform unable to wear it for some reason during a particular training session.  Or it may simply be too hot during summer.  In such cases, a t-shirt is perfectly fine.

There are some occasions when wearing a full uniform is a must.  These events include tournaments and exams for your belt/rank promotion.

You will not be barred from joining the class without your belt or your uniform, but we will encourage you to wear it when it is necessary for the learning process and for the reasons we have stated above. It is important to recognize that it is important to bring and wear your uniforms during the class because it is another way to show commitment, dedication and unity, so that everyone knows that you want to be there.

A simple yet honest “Sorry, I don’t have my uniform today. Is it possible for me to train like this today?” will suffice. This acknowledgement is what is important here.

Tying your belt properly

The most common complaint that comes from new students who have to get accustomed to wearing a uniform is the problem with tying the belt. We understand that this may be a little tricky, which is why we encourage new students at ICC to always ask the instructors to help them tie their belt. The key is to pay attention and to put some time aside to practice one step at a time.

We really hope this article has helped you understand how martial arts uniforms work here at ICC. We look forward to seeing you in your classes looking sharp and ready to train.

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