What to Look for in A Great Martial Arts Training Academy

Whether you are considering learning a martial art or enrolling your child into a martial arts program, choosing the right academy can be difficult. Is one school better than another? Should I enrol in BJJ or MMA? What should I look for in a school or instructor? ICC is Sydney’s leading Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts training academy, providing a one-stop shop for all your martial arts, health and fitness needs. If you’re searching for a martial arts school, you might be wondering which one is best. Here are a few tips for what to look for in a martial arts academy for you and your family.

A Variety of Martial Arts Styles

Not all martial arts are the same. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing and MMA all have their own unique characteristics and philosophies, and different methodologies of combat. If you’re new to the scene, you might be interested in a school that offers a variety of styles so that you can figure out which one you’d like proceed with. Depending on the school, you might be able to try a few trial classes to find the style that you like best.

Experienced Instructors

An important consideration when choosing a martial arts school is the knowledge, experience and attentiveness of the instructors. Good instructors will take an interest in why you joined their school and will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Finding the right teacher will mean you will love martial arts training and learn all the necessary skills needed on and off the mats. The instructors and staff should be personable, courteous, professional and give the attention you need to feel comfortable and safe learning your skills.

A Welcoming Community and Culture

When learning a new skill or improving your fitness, you want to find a place and engage with a team that makes you feel comfortable, challenged, and motivated to learn. The ICC philosophy is built around four principles – family, loyalty, honour and respect. We are one big family and everyone who walks through our doors is treated as such, we help each other, look out for each other and ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable, from beginners to elite athletes.

A Fun Environment

While students should be learning, following directions, and accomplishing goals, they should also be having some fun while doing it. Fitness should not be dreaded, so the martial arts school you choose you should promote a healthy balance of work, learning, and having fun.

Easy to Get to

Location is important, especially for after school or after work classes, you don’t want to be travelling too far as that is one way to lose motivation. Choose a Sydney BJJ academy that is relatively quick and easy to get to, however, don’t make the mistake of enrolling in the nearest dojo just because it’s close. Do your research, do a few trail classes and also consider the above points before signing up.

At integrated Combat Centre, we were founded by David Tong, a lifelong student of marital arts and MMA and BJJ champion. A clean and safe facility with highly experienced instructors, we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment and offer a variety of martial arts styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Karate and Kickboxing. If you’re interested in learning martial arts, contact our team today and book a trial.

Give our BJJ program a go and experience the improvements to all of these fields. It is considered to be an excellent first style where the skills are easily transferable.


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